Messaging Solutions
Samsung OfficeServ CTI Server
Samsung OfficeServ CTISamsung's OfficeServ CTI Server's compact design provides a fast and reliable link for connecting end OfficeServ CTI applications to the Samsung OfficeServ range of communication systems.
Samsung Remote Fax Retrieval

samsung_remote_fax_retrievalSamsung Messaging Server provides advanced fax messaging features designed specifically to enhance the use of fax documents within your organisation.

Samsung Automated Attendant

SamsungAutomatedAttendantIncoming calls are never kept waiting to be answered with Samsung's Auto Attendant. The Auto Attendant can answer multiple calls simultaneously; providing different greetings for each extension or department.

Samsung Voice Mail

SamsungvoicemailSamsung Voice Mail offers advanced call facilities and puts the user in control by allowing voice messages to be left when staff are busy or out of the office. Users can record their own personal greetings (busy, no answer, out of office, on holidays)

Samsung OfficeServ ACD Call Centre
samsung_officeservacdcallcentreSamsung OfficeServ ACD Call Centre is specifically tailored for mid sized organisations or corporate departments requiring a sophisticated customer interaction management solution for 10 to 100 agents. It is designed to enhance customer service levels, lower call abandonment rates, increase staff productivity and accountability
Samsung OfficeServe Link
samsung_officeservlinkOfficeServ Link is the core of Samsung's OfficeServ suite of CTI applications. The OfficeServ Link application is a software application that links the SAMSUNG telephone system to a Windows based computer.
Samsung OfficeServ Email Gateway

officeserv_email_gatewayWhether you're on the road or in the office, Samsung Messaging Server's Email Gateway feature gives users the ultimate tool to access and manage all voice, fax and email messages directly from their email inbox. New voicemail and fax messages are presented in email inboxes as WAV or TIF file attachments with time and date summary information.

Samsung OfficeServ Call

officeserv_callOfficeServ Call is an advanced call management application that gives users simple access to the features and functionality of their Samsung OfficeServ handset directly from their PC desktop.

Samsung OfficeServ Operator

officeserv_operatorA receptionist is often a customer's first point of contact in an organisation, and making a positive, professional first impression is imperative for customer satisfaction.

Samsung OfficeServ Dataview

officeserv_dataviewIdeal for call centre environments and organisations requiring reporting, OfficeServ Dataview provides statistical reports, real time monitoring and scheduled reports on the call traffic of a Samsung OfficeServ system using a web-based user interface.

Samsung OfficeServ Manager

officeserv_managerOfficeServ Manager is the main configuration tool for Samsung OfficeServ systems and includes an administration mode and a supervisor mode